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Address : 14-AA, SectorD, Commercial Area Opposite Cricket Stadium , Bahria Town Lahore
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About Gwadar



Situated in Southwestern Pakistan, Gwadar City lies on the coast of Arabian Sea within Balochistan province. It is surrounded by three significant regions: the oil-rich Middle East, heavily populated South Asia and the economically emerging and resource-laden region of Central Asia. It is an emerging port city of Pakistan which provides shipping route to various countries. It is distanced from Karachi by around 460 kilometer and from Iranian border by around 75 kilometers.

Gwadar harbor, being 47-feet deep has a great strategic location and is therefore a potential hub for trading world-wide. Gwadar city is hence tconsidered as a jewel to Economy of Pakistan.


For many centuries Gwadar was under the control of various regional and colonial states. It was a part of Muscat, Oman from the years 1783 till 1958. The government of Pakistan purchased the land by paying PKR 5.5 billion to Oman’s government on 8th September, 1958. Pakistan got its administrative rights on 8th December 1958, it was integrated into Balochistan province on 1st July 1977. Today, it is considered as District Headquarter of Gwadar city. The newly-developing Gwadar port city was once little-known fishing village with a population of thousands. But since the 90s, it has become the center of attention for real estate developers and has brought major opportunities for investors.

Gwadar Port- A hub for world trading

The development of Gwadar port was accomplished in 2007.  It was built with the aim to form industrial complexes and to connect the small town to the rest of the country via modern highway roads. The operations linked to Gwadar Port were officially given to China in 2013. China has already invested USD 750 million in order to establish it as a full-scale commercial port. A huge investment of USD 62 billion has been made into Gwadar through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). It is significant world-wide due to the presence of the world’s biggest ship yard.               

Why invest in Gwadar?

Being developed under Shenzhen (China’s) model, it is very soon likely to be established as one of the World’s largest growing cities. The infrastructure of Gwadar is developed to sustain heavy developments in near future. A good infrastructure speaks volume about things to come . GDA (Gwadar Development Authority) is working on development of residential and commercial areas in Gwadar . This is important because with the increase in port activity, a lot of people will move to Gwadar looking for new economic opportunities. This in turn will increase demand of the real estate in Gwadar. The port city Gwadar will become the hub of world trade and is already attracting a lot of investors seeking Gwadar property for investment. Gwadar property prices have almost doubled in one last year and are continuing to rise as the development progresses.

If realized timely, investing in Gwadar is an opportunity to reap huge profits and returns. It offers opportunities for a wide range of business organizations especially in the real estate market of industrial, recreational, residential and commercial regions.

Without any doubt, investing in Gwadar is much more promising than any other types of investments. Gwadar city being connected to various countries through their port will provide means of access to international market and is therefore expected to fulfill the market needs of the connected regions. Its infrastructure and commercial development is being revolutionized attracting many national and international investors who seek to earn highest gains offered in the history of our Country’s real estate business.

With historical and on-going investments, the government of Pakistan made Gwadar a major deep sea port city connecting Pakistan’s railway and highway networks. Iran has future plans in building an oil refinery in Gwadar with a worth of USD 4 billion and a capacity of 400,000 barrels each day. Therefore, Gwadar city is undergoing transformation from a small coastal town into a cosmopolitan port city attracting various international investors. Here, the domestic real estate investor is at critical, time-bound decision point due to sky-rocketing value of city-land day by day.

Gwadar is considered as the gateway to emerging Pakistan and several campaigns have been initiated to inform the world about its significance, including banners on double-decker buses in London. Gwadar has the potential to be a rivalry to Dubai City and is meant to facilitate various international hospitality chains and housing business. Now is the right time to invest into the land in Gwadar with GEM , a company which has  successfully accomplished two major projects- Al Ghani Housing Scheme and Dubai City, Gwadar.