Address : 14-AA, SectorD, Commercial Area Opposite Cricket Stadium , Bahria Town Lahore  |
Address : 14-AA, SectorD, Commercial Area Opposite Cricket Stadium , Bahria Town Lahore
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Real Estate Consultancy



Expert advice from consultants before investing has no replacement!

We have an entire team dedicated to provide consultancy services to our clients. They strive to provide excellent guidance and roadmap for the processing and safety of your investments. It is no doubt a difficult task to trust and invest your money in real estate business and without expert advice it can lead to huge losses. Our team will guide you from the very beginning of the process and keep you regularly updated about your net-worth of the plots you own. This is how you can decide the best time for further investments.

How We Function

Our marketing and Consultancy responsibility includes careful and in-depth evaluation of the concerned projects in all aspects. We look after feasibility of all the required services, calculation of net-worth of properties which keep regulating with the marketing trends, consideration of client’s preference for plot’s location, careful study of current market tendencies in favor of the investor’s interests, predicting weather suitability for launching of the project. Moreover, fluctuating economical state which has profound effects on our strategic work is carefully monitored and decisions taken wisely according to it. Lastly, we strive to provide the best-suited fiscal rates to our investors.  

Our consultants are the lifeblood of Gwadar GEM.

  • Our consultant team members are qualified and experienced through considerable exposure to financial matters 
  • Due to their expertise in the field, they are rated as top investment analysts  
  • Their contacts are expanded and they have huge inventories of plots at prime locations within Gwadar city.
  • Their excellent communication skills help the investment process to progress very smoothly.

The previously accomplished projects, Al-Ghani Housing Scheme Gwadar and Canadian City, have given huge exposure to the Gwadar GEM team of current real estate market. It has deepened their understandings and insights of their business. We can confidently say that their experience and exposure has polished their skills further and sufficed them in providing the best consultancy advices about plots available in Dubai City Gwadar.

Our expert consultants advice to make wise investments in Gwadar City in order to obtain huge benefits in future through China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Gwadar Port, and international investments. Many well-known personalities from around the world have already invested huge amounts in Gwadar projects which further adds on to trust of investors in Gwadar real estate market.