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Address : 14-AA, SectorD, Commercial Area Opposite Cricket Stadium , Bahria Town Lahore
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Real Estate Project Management



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We have successfully marketed some very huge real estate projects in the past. Presently, Gwadar Golden Edge Marketing team is working on two projects  

  • Dubai City Gwadar 
  • Al-Ghani Housing Scheme Gwadar 

Both these projects belong to Sheen builders and Developers Private Limited. Ever since these projects have started, an increasing number of investors are putting their trust and investing huge amounts of money into plots under these areas. Their profits are multiplying on daily basis which has further improved their trust in Gwadar GEM. Our team comprises of highly qualified experts in sales and business management as well as consultants who are working actively and are keen to coordinate with the project managers in order to market and manage projects in best of their interest.

Why Is Project Management Important in Commercial Real Estate?

Real estate projects which are expanded on large scales are pretty expensive and they often require high visibility undertakings with many stakeholders. Project management is vital for companies that own and deal with real estate projects and those which regularly handle these projects spread across a wide area. Due to the complexity of projects on large-scale and fluctuations in the market, a systematic method for project management must be cultivated which must include the following:


  • Budget Management: To keep a project within the targeted budget, project managers need to manage multiple contractors, regularly monitor fluctuations in cost occurring as a result of change orders, look after material’s budget, vendor payments, proper usage of finances and need to follow numerous other protocols.
  • Time Management: Time and tide waits for none. It is a precious asset for project managers who need to order supplies timely, regularly coordinate with contractors. Delays in any aspect of the project may slow down the project significantly which in return may increase the expenses of the projects or clients of the projects even indirectly. For example, if a new office headquarters isn’t ready on time, it may mean a company must extend a corporate lease while it awaits a build-out.
  • Risk Management: All real estate projects face the risk over going beyond their given budget or given timeline. This puts the company into risk which must be reduced to a minimal level. This is possible with the help of licensed professionals hired by project managers especially to reduce this risk. Project managers also need to secure the company with sufficient project insurance, and design and manage contracts which incorporate responsibilities of both concerned parties. Moreover, they need to take measures in order to eliminate litigation or other unexpected expenses
  • Communications Issues: Large-scale projects are more complex and therefore require public comment periods, community resistance or community notice requirements, and public outreach. Moreover, regular explanation of the project’s progress is suggested especially in case of collaborated projects. It is also required to form local goodwill and support. To ensure that a project progresses as planned, it is a necessary step to obtain permission from local leaders for zoning and for execution of legal processes if any deviation from normal rules is expected. .

Developers who want to market and sell their commercial and residential projects within a given timeline may contact us on +92 333 044 5951.